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Why Join MESA?

MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) is the nonprofit partner for your Smart Manufacturing journey, and so much more.  

Our mission is to educate the industry on how and why to use IT solutions throughout manufacturing enterprises. We have members in over 40 countries and have been an association for over 26 years.

Our members have voiced that MESA programs have saved them time, money and resources while helping improve their personal career. 

Individuals and companies benefit from our programs which include:

  1. Digital Resources: MESA's famous Resource Library contains over 1,000 peer-reviewed and peer-developed white papers, research, videos and webcasts. We also have a Smart Manufacturing Resource Portal -- an outline of all things Smart Manufacturing.

  2. Modern Training: MESA's Global Education Program (GEP) has trained more than 1,100 professionals. We host live, instructor-led certificate programs all over the world and we recently launched on-demand, online courses

  3. Thought Leadership and Peer-led Networks: MESA has several committees, regional groups and working groups to participate in to gain valuable knowledge and help publish papers.

Join our newest research group that is open to the public, MESA's Smart Manufacturing Community.

 "I have so many dear and brilliant manufacturing software buddies all over the world as a result of my years being active in MESA. My life and my career are so much more successful and richer for that! MESA members are the BEST!" Julie Fraser See all testimonials. 


To check on the status of your MESA membership or to see if other people from your company are members, contact AbigailZieger@MESA.org  +1 480-893-6883, ext 212

To discuss premium membership or sponsorships, or to schedule a presentation of MESA for your company, contact John Meulemeester, MESA Commercial Leader, ++32 470 815 333, John@MESA.org