MESA Invites You To Become An Influencer!

Looking to grow your social media presence? Become a MESA Influencer and let us do the work for you! MESA will share industry updates and the latest MESA news directly to your Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile. 

The following are types of professional content MESA will share for you:

  • Content Downloads 

  • Surveys & Resulting Reports

  • Live Events (Conference or Webinars)

  • Training Opportunities

  • Working Group Participation or News (if you are a participant of the group only)

To participate, email to schedule a quick 5 minute call where you will screenshare and have access to the keyboard to type in your password, so it remains private.

See posts from existing Influencers!

Julie Fraser  John Clemons  Gerhard Greeff 

Additional Guidelines:

  • To participate you must be a member. 
  • You will be contacted every two (2) months to reconnect your LinkedIn account for security reasons. Please have your email address and password for the social media platforms you want to connect ready prior to the call.

  • MESA cannot respond to comments that come from your posts. MESA has no way of knowing when something is commented on from your profile, so please keep alerts on to keep up to date with responses. 

  • MESA cannot delete any posts once posted unless we sign into your profile and delete it. Please be aware that you will need to delete any post if you do not want it on your profile. 

The entire MESA International team thanks you for considering participation in the MESA Influencer Program and helping share the value of our global community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders, and solution providers who are focused on driving business results from manufacturing information.

If you have any additional questions or requests about the program, please email